So, You’ve Accidentally Deleted Your Portfolio…


June 18, 2013 by Lindsay

… not your student portfolio. Your real-live professional portfolio. The one containing your last eight years worth of design work, as well as images of the 40+ oil paintings you created and sold throughout the years. Basically, all evidence that you have done anything more than twiddle your thumbs for the past decade is… gone.

Ok, first of all– DON’T PANIC, you are not alone.

Ha, no I’m kidding. Of course you’re alone. Nobody calling themselves a professional anything would be stupid enough to do that. No, by all means, go ahead and panic (and while you’re at it– go ahead and smack yourself in the face a few times for thinking that you could drag the hard drive icon off your desktop to an external disk and call it a back-up).

So, now what? What happens next? Once you’re secure in the knowledge that you really did just do that– and that your portfolio really is all gone– what do you do?

  1. Try to convince yourself that it’s not that big of a deal, and that you didn’t really want to work anymore anyways.
  2. When you realize this isn’t true, try to convince yourself that this is a great opportunity to create a totally new and improved portfolio!
  3. When that little burst of optimism fails– spend a few desperate months trying to re-create and/or track down your previous work, become completely overwhelmed and then give up.
  4. Wait tables.
  5. Wallow in self-pity for about three years.
  6. Get over it.
  7. In one final burst of procrastination, write a blog post about the time you accidentally deleted your portfolio.
  8. Start from scratch.

2 thoughts on “So, You’ve Accidentally Deleted Your Portfolio…

  1. Brent Pilarski says:

    Actually, I may be your savior … I do believe I may have pictures of MOST of your paintings that I will gladly copy and send to you. Great blog, keep it up!

    • ljm0009 says:

      REALLY?! . I would be sooooo grateful if u could send me copies of whatever u have! I was able to track down a few of my paintings in random places online and make copies, but its less than half of what i originally had- and most are low res at that.

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