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July 23, 2013 by Lindsay

I know what it probably looks like– a little over a month after starting this puppy, I go completely missing in action for over two weeks… but I promise, I really haven’t abandoned My Useless Degree so early in the game. It’s more a matter of very poor timing. I’ve been wrapping up an interior design job I took on several months ago, and the last weeks of these things are always insanely hectic. This project, in particular, has been more consuming than the norm. I’ve been up working on it past 3am for more nights than I can count. Though in all honestly, I’m quite enjoying the work– and everything is turning out pretty much awesome– so I can’t complain.

If I’d been using the slightest bit of forethought, I would have waited to start my adventures in blogging after I’d finished this project. But I’m an impatient sort, and I didn’t give any forethought to the timing whatsoever— hence, the reprehensible neglect of my poor little baby, fledgling blog.

I expect to actually finish this never-ending interior design job over this coming weekend. At that point, I will finally be able to focus on painting full-time– not to mention keeping up with this little endeavor. At last count— before I had to put everything on hold— I had roughly a gazillion ideas in the works for both new paintings and new posts, so I’m dying to get back to work on them.

I have, at least, managed the (very rough) beginnings of two new paintings over the last few weeks. I even have nearly complete drafts for seven different posts sitting on my computer, all patiently waiting for me to finish their thoughts, give them their final details, polish them up, and set them free to make their way in the big wide world.

However, in the meantime, this is all I can manage– just a quick, unexciting little post to explain my abrupt and extended departure. So, have no fear, Mom. I did not get kidnapped or fall prey to some bizarre accident– I’ll be back at it by this weekend.


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