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It works

The good news is, if you are reading this, then my time machine worked, and you have just traveled into the future. Admittedly, you’re only in the very near future– but it’s a leap forward in time nonetheless. The bad news is that I called it a useless time machine for a reason. I wasn’t making a not-so-clever attempt at branding it with my blog’s name. I called it that because this time machine is, pretty much, completely useless.*

You see, all it allows you to do is get a little glimpse at the posts that will be appearing on my blog in the very near future. I realize I didn’t have to build an elaborate time-travel device to accomplish this. For example, I could have just created a new page on my site that lists the titles / topics of posts I’m working on. But that’s just taking the easy way out, isn’t it? I have a habit of over-complicating the simplest of tasks, and a life-long preoccupation with time-travel– of course I’m going to choose the option that involves building a time machine.

So, without further a-do, I present your very limited and practically useless view of the future, aka…

Upcoming Posts on My Useless Degree


Procrastination’s Greatest Hits

This post highlights ways to spot a devilish and sneaky form of procrastination where you embark on all sorts of pseudo-productive and/or actually productive activities that, in reality, get you no closer to your intended goal(s).

I think this is a form of procrastination that is common to those of us who, at their core, are driven to create, but are in a bit of a creative rut. In the hopes of helping my fellow “productive-procrastinators” get through this rough time, I offer up a sweet mix-tape showcasing my greatest feats of procrastination over the last few years. It’s an entertaining and somewhat embarrassing look at the various activities and “projects” I’ve thrown myself into– all of which seemed terribly important at one time or another, but ultimately only served one purpose– to keep me busy so I didn’t have to think too hard about the fact that I wasn’t painting.


Advice on Getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts, From Someone Who Doesn’t Know You At All

Not really advice. Just some (hopefully) helpful information for those considering a career and/or degree in Fine Arts. I’m trying to be of some use to those who, because of my blog’s name and the title of my inaugural post, find themselves directed here after searching “Should I get a degree in Fine Arts?” or some similar phrase.

My goal is not to persuade or dissuade anyone from this field or the path they take to get there. As someone who has a BFA and has worked in fine art or design or both, in some form or another, for over ten years– I will simply be sharing my experiences and observations. What you make of them will be entirely up to you.


Why I Don’t Like Artist’s Statements… followed by: My Artist Statement

This post is pretty much what it sounds like– after a brief introduction about why I don’t like artist’s statements, I will go on to give you my artist’s statement. I promise, this isn’t just a (poor) attempt to be witty or ironic– these two topics actually do relate to one another.

That pretty much wraps up what’s in store for My Useless Degree in the next week or two. I don’t know the exact order in which I’ll end up publishing the above posts, it’s very possible that the topics may change or evolve somewhat along the way– and new ideas could pop up and make their way in ahead of these… The future isn’t set in stone, after all.

I’ll do my best to make sure My Useless Time Machine gets regular maintenance. So feel free to return any time you get curious about what’s up next on My Useless Degree.


* footnote to introduction: another lame feature of my time machine is that your return-trip cannot take you back to a point-in-time prior to when you embarked on your trip to the future. In fact, you can only be returned to a point-in-time that is n minutes after the time you left on your journey to the future, where n = the number of minutes you spent “in the future.” Simply put, any time you have spent reading this is time completely lost to you forever– and for that, I am truly sorry.

P.S. I am also very sorry for the time machine metaphor


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